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Our offer includes parts of the world's leading manufacturers, for whom the quality of the products is of  great importance. Factories are equipped with the latest technologies and employ highly qualified staff. Each part is strictly controlled at various stages of production, from constructing molds to packing. Before the production process is commenced, a series of laboratory tests is carried out, during which the product samples are checked regarding their well fitting and appearance, what ensures that all subsequent parts  are going to be of highest quality. During those tests, the following is examined: tensile strength of the material, appearance, welds, nuts and handles strength.

Production on a large scale is only commenced when the product samples were thoroughly checked and meeting all quality requirements was proven. Every part in our offer bear appropriate certificates.

Manufacturers are constantly striving to improve their products, basing on customers’ needs. They use  high-tech equipment in an automated manufacture process to ensure constant quality and durability of the product.

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